Politically Incorrect – a Confession

I must confess … I am not politically correct. I do not support all the “equal rights” movements or always fight to defend those who feel their rights are being “violated” due to opposition. I do not believe that the “Equal Rights” exists or that it ever will, although it is an interesting concept.

I watch others around me make their opinions known and can’t help but shake my head and sigh. Mostly, I stay silent. At times, I make generalized statements or throw out *food for thought* which does not always reflect my beliefs, but is intended to further the thought process of others. Once in a while, there is a statement made that reveals the tip of an iceberg.

The funny thing is, no one has ever asked what my opinions are. No one has ever said, “Hey Frankie B, we all know how you feel about the piddly shit, but how do you feel about the issues in society that you aren’t speaking about? The serious stuff.” And in truth, I am somewhat thankful.

I respect that each individual has the RIGHT to think for themselves. I respect the fact that so many of my friends are willing to stand up for what they believe in. But I do not respect that so many people are willing to give up their relationships over differences of opinion.

Were I to suddenly express all my opinions, would it change the person that you know and love (or hate)? Would we suddenly have nothing or everything in common? Would our friendships or familial relationships suddenly suffer or grow because I may or may not believe the same things you do?

This idea that we can, and so often do, “unfriend” someone because they don’t fit into our box of conviction bothers me. Does a person become less of a person because their views are different from my own? And while we are all screaming for Equal Rights, how do we justify closing ourselves off from those who differ from us?

Do not get me wrong here, I am not speaking of those who believe in gross differences that defy morality or entertain hatefulness. For me, at least, there is a difference in being friends with someone who does not hold the same values as I on things such as abortion, birth control, and lgbt rights, in comparison to befriending a murderer. I am not talking about those who are morally evil (of which I would not choose to befriend regardless of their other views), but those we interact with and nurture a relationship with on a daily basis.

I believe strongly in the value of honest and loyal relationships. And I believe that those who are willing to delete people from their lives based upon personal opinion, were never worth keeping to begin with.

So, perhaps next time you end your post (rant) or conversation with a statement such as “if you don’t agree with me, feel free to unfriend me,” you’ll think twice. Because in honesty, should you think that your opinion is worth so much more than anyone else’s, maybe, just maybe, you are a bigger part of the problem than you care to admit.

© Frankie B. 2016, all rights reserved

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