Oh, Love …

Oh, Love …
How sweet your fragrance lingers
in the unmade bed of lovers
who have only met the night before
and turned to each other for love.

But oh, should we not confuse you
with lust, with desire, with sex?
Should it be told to all, that love
is not defined by the thirsty gaze
of an immature man, or the
careless disrobing of a woman
seeking adoration and “fans,”
but that LOVE, sweet love,
can only be found in the heart
beating steadily and true?

That love, beautiful love
is threaded into the very soul
of one who has taken the time
and put forth the effort
and put someone else’s needs
first, even above their own.

That love, everlasting love,
is sown, nurtured, and cherished
above all else, for all time?

That love, amazing love, is
warmth on a cold night;
a flicker of hope in the darkness;
an anchor, a lighthouse, a beacon.

Oh, yes, love is hard –
it doesn’t come easily day by day
but requires commitment and persistence.

It is long talks and sweet words
after slammed doors and tears.
It is routine and expectation
and the occasional spontaneous surprise.

It is crying children, burnt food, unmade beds
financial strains and exhaustion.
It is sick days and crying children
and falling into bed at night too tired
to make love.

It is frustrating.
It is tiring.
It is beautiful …

When you wake to the same arms
wrapped around you each morning
and fall asleep with the same lips
against your forehead.

When a night out is nothing more
than a few shots and loud music
while sitting in your living room,
laughing at and with each other.

When your day has been terrible
and all you want is to hide under a rock
but instead find yourself falling into
the arms of the one who makes it all better.

When kisses turn passionate and
arms and legs and bodies entwine
and the sounds of lovemaking echo
through an otherwise silent home.

When you no longer have to search for
the one who will never turn their back
but will always be waiting with open arms
for the one they love.

Oh yes, love is hard
It is frustrating
But oh, how beautifully a heart beats
when it beats with the cadence of love …

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