Here we go … Again

Isn’t it funny how … 

I’m always drawn back to blogging. It’s that damn alter-ego, I tell you. She misses her voice. It may also be the inability to otherwise express myself as freely as I seem to be able when I sit down to write. Perhaps it is just that, when all the bricks fall into place (sometimes that may be right on my noggin) – I find that I am still, after all (above all?) a writer.  And right now, my soul is in need of healing. So here I am – back to the keyboard.

Normally, upon starting a new blogging adventure, I spend days upon days and hours upon hours transferring my writing from old posts and pages to the *NEW* and *BETTER* blog. Not this time, folks. Perhaps once in a while I’ll do a blast-from-the-past post, but for the most part, y’all are stuck with me, as I am now.

Yeah, yeah, still the sarcastic, snarky, opinionated blogger y’all once loved (and hated; yeah, I know all about y’all two-facers out there too). But I’d be a fool not to warn you that things are … different now. There’s something beneath the surface and I’ve yet to dig it up. And I’m just going to go with the flow here.

No holds barred – flaunt it if you got it – what you see is what you get. 

I’ve got some plans. A few posts pinching my fingers. But for the most part, I’m just going to wing it – kind of like my life right now.

So … here we are friends – or should I say – here I am? Back to it once more. And giving you the heads up that I’m back. Keep your eyes open; there is definitely more to come.

♥ That one Blogger ♥

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