And for Our Next Adventure

I’ve been a corporate contracts paralegal for 12 years.

Drafted contracts. Reviewed contracts. Negotiated contracts. Written some more contracts. Sent emails. Received emails. Reviewed emails. Written standard operating procedures. Prepared training presentations. Presented training presentations. Reviewed training presentations. Communicated. Copied. Scanned. Wrote. Reviewed. Drafted. Negotiated. Uncrossed my eyes. Crossed my eyes. Crossed my T’s. Dotted my I’s. Drafted. Reviewed. Negotiated.

Twelve. Years.

I enjoyed the ride. I loved my job. As I often stated, “I get paid to argue.” It seemed like the perfect career for me. I love writing. I love negotiating. Contracts gave me the best of both worlds.

But I need more. I want more. I’m not “just” a paralegal.

I’m a mom. A wife. A writer.

And I want to do those things. Let me rephrase – I want to do MORE of those things. Less of the paralegal-ing things.

It’s more than that.

We’re about to pack up our family and move 8 hours away. Start a fresh new life in a little town in the Ozarks. A different place. A different way of life. A new chapter in a new book.

I’m so excited, I could squeal. Seriously, I believe this will be the absolute best thing in the world for my family. For me. For my kids. For my husband. For us all. I can’t even put it all into words. It’s a breath of fresh air that we all need. We will be closer to family. FAMILY. So dang important.

And … I will get to spend more time doing the things I am being driven to do. More Mommin’, more writing. Of course, more wifely time too, but that’s a whole different kind of thing. (That’s more focusing on keeping my house running and cooking and taking care of the kiddos and the husband and being able to give them the time I cannot give them now.)

Being a stay-at-home-mom was never what I thought I’d be looking forward to. I never thought, for even a moment that I’d be able to stay home with my babies. But … even if I have to work little part-time and freelance jobs here and there, the majority of my time will be with my kids.

Man, I am pumped. I am ready. Counting down the weeks and the days and the hours.

And then, the writing. Here I’ve sat with these mostly finished projects. A plethora of “writings” just sitting around waiting for me to DO something with them. And by the gods, it’s time. It’s past time.

It’s time for my family to blossom. It’s time for us to Be and Do. And I just can’t wait to see how this goes for us all. On to the next adventure we go.

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