Bring on 2017

Happy New Year!  Here's to the end of 2016. For some it's saying goodbye to a great year - and to others, it's the hope that this year will outweigh the last. For me, it's both.  I'm stepping out of a year that was, most definitely, one of the best years of my life. I … Continue reading Bring on 2017

Breaking My Silence: Intro

I am 36-years-old.  I am a woman. A mother. A daughter. A sister. A cousin. A niece. A grand-daughter. An aunt. A friend. A girlfriend. A co-worker. A paralegal. A student. A writer. I am a fighter. A survivor. A warrior. A beautifully broken soul. It took fourteen years, five months, and  eight days to “break” … Continue reading Breaking My Silence: Intro

10 Tips for a Happier You (AKA: Get your ass off that pity train & stop whining on Facebook!)

It seems never-ending - we are constantly bombarded by posts like these: "I've had such a hard life, that's why I'm a bitch" "Men/Women Suck because they keep hurting me" "Oh poor, poor me, my life is so horrible." "My life sucks." Ultimately, I keep thinking to myself how sad it must be to live … Continue reading 10 Tips for a Happier You (AKA: Get your ass off that pity train & stop whining on Facebook!)

The Value of Words

It is important to be an individual, to think and speak for yourself. It is imperative that you become your own person with your own thoughts and beliefs. Argue. Debate. And stand your ground. Respectfully.
Do not belittle, degrade, or humiliate another. Do not say things you will regret. Do not allow another to sway your beliefs without just cause. Be strong but gentle when you can and firm when you must.
Do not fear what is different, but instead see the beauty in uniqueness. Keep an open mind and do not judge. Never allow another to burden you with their ignorance. And always, always, always, remember the power of words.