The Trust Factor: Part Two

In my last post, I talked about Trust and explained that it is something I believe must be earned & maintained. Since that post, I have received a bit of feedback and a request for deeper explanation & clarification. Luckily, this is a topic I have spent a lot of time thinking on, and even … Continue reading The Trust Factor: Part Two

The Value of Words

It is important to be an individual, to think and speak for yourself. It is imperative that you become your own person with your own thoughts and beliefs. Argue. Debate. And stand your ground. Respectfully.
Do not belittle, degrade, or humiliate another. Do not say things you will regret. Do not allow another to sway your beliefs without just cause. Be strong but gentle when you can and firm when you must.
Do not fear what is different, but instead see the beauty in uniqueness. Keep an open mind and do not judge. Never allow another to burden you with their ignorance. And always, always, always, remember the power of words.

Social Media “Models”

I don't play with this whole feministic view that our bodies are playgrounds and we should be so unashamed of our sexuality and our bodies that we are willing to become sex toys or objects. I reject the idea that casual sex is a "freeing" experience. I dispute the validity of claims that one who is "open and free" with her body is one who is also "confident and self-respecting."


Life is made of moments. You get to choose some, and others you don’t. Some moments are going to bring you the greatest joy you could imagine – and some are going to bring you to the pits of despair. But they are only moments. They don’t last forever. And even when they cut deep, leaving a scar, that scar WILL heal. Life is full of moments. And it’s all those moments together that make life worth living.