10 Tips for a Happier You (AKA: Get your ass off that pity train & stop whining on Facebook!)

It seems never-ending - we are constantly bombarded by posts like these: "I've had such a hard life, that's why I'm a bitch" "Men/Women Suck because they keep hurting me" "Oh poor, poor me, my life is so horrible." "My life sucks." Ultimately, I keep thinking to myself how sad it must be to live … Continue reading 10 Tips for a Happier You (AKA: Get your ass off that pity train & stop whining on Facebook!)

Social Media “Models”

I don't play with this whole feministic view that our bodies are playgrounds and we should be so unashamed of our sexuality and our bodies that we are willing to become sex toys or objects. I reject the idea that casual sex is a "freeing" experience. I dispute the validity of claims that one who is "open and free" with her body is one who is also "confident and self-respecting."

Facebook Monsters – the Disclaimer Facebook SHOULD Have

Dear Dick-Pic Kings - Women are NOT afraid to ask for a picture of your penis, IF they actually want to see it. You do NOT have to send it to every woman you find attractive. A penis pic does not have the same effect as a wave, high five, hug, or other formal greeting. Your measuring tactics are … tacky. And you make it very obvious that you fit into other Facebook clubs as well by sending your “greeting.” (i.e. Thirsty Ass Creep, Fuck Boy, Narcissistic Asswipes, etc.) Next time, please send a message that simply states: “I would like to send you a picture of my penis in hopes that you will stroke my ego and make me feel more like a man and less like the child I am. Please accept my offer and allow me to pose nude for you, in ridiculous fashion, so that you will suddenly be sexually excited and want to share pictures of your naked body with this Thirsty Ass Creep, even though I haven’t properly introduced myself, have no intention of any type of relationship with you, and basically, just want to show you my penis for no good reason.”