Life Lessons – Frankie B. Style

We all learn at different rates of intelligence. At times, it seems as though we will never “get” the lessons we are supposed to learn. Then, there are those lessons that smack us in the face so hard we don’t even have a chance to protect ourselves. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in the course of my life – some totally serious, some not so much. But, hey, they’re all lessons learned and if I can share them so that someone else might “get it” without getting smacked upside the head with it, then hey, I’ve achieved something!

  1. Respect & trust are closely related; neither is a magical thing – neither appears out of thin air. Each must be earned. And once earned, it is easy to lose.
  2. Love is not always unconditional. Like other things, it is something that must grow and be nurtured. Without much-needed attention, it can, and often does wither and die.
  3. Honesty is the most important trait a person can have. The second is knowing when it is okay to “speak honestly,” and when they should just shut the hell up.
  4. Family is important. No matter what, keep your family close. They are the only ones who WILL love you unconditionally, even when they don’t like you. Your children and your significant other should come FIRST.
  5. Many times, if someone is asking you an important question, they already know the answer – don’t lie.
  6. Friendship is a two-way street. If you are making 100% of the effort in the relationship, it isn’t worth keeping.
  7. Guilty by AssociationTrue. No matter how unfair, it just is.
  8. Always say “I love you” – you never know if it’s the last opportunity you will get.
  9. Never go to sleep angry. You’ll only wake up angry, or in my case, twice as angry. Such emotion does not go good with your morning coffee.
  10. Abuse is abuse. It doesn’t matter if it’s emotional, mental, sexual or physical – it’s going to leave scars that will never heal. Abuse happens all the time, and it can’t always be prevented. But don’t abuse yourself by allowing others to abuse you. And if you know someone is being abused, report it.
  11. You can’t run from your problems. Eventually, you have to stop running, and when you do, they’ll catch up to you.
  12. Spiders jump. Do not try to step on them, sure as shit they will jump on you. Instead, throw something at them or spray them with hairspray. Yes, hairspray. It will make all those disgusting little hairs stick together and the horrid critter will become immobile – THEN you can step on it!
  13. Everyone becomes a Ninja when they walk through a spiderweb.
  14. You cannot help a person who isn’t willing to help himself.
  15. Having one true friend is a greater gift than having 100 facebook fakies.
  16. Always say “thank you”! Appreciation will get you far.
  17. Eating a full jar of green olives in one sitting will have you praying to the porcelain goddess in the worst kind of way.
  18. Drunk people often say things they wouldn’t say sober – and about 80% of the time, it’s really what they think/feel but don’t otherwise have the kahonas to say.
  19. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! Speak with respect. Be logical. Make your point with style! Tone of voice is everything. Change the tone and you change the reaction!
  20. Public Boobies: People bitch about a woman breastfeeding her child in public … but women in itty bitty bikinis are appropriate? Half-naked actors/actresses on TV are appropriate? Someone should really think this over a little better.
  21. Be yourself. Whether people love you or hate you is not for you to determine. The ones that will love you with the most honesty are the ones who see you for who you really are.
  22. Spit-up blends into a white shirt … not so much with a black one.
  23. “I Love you” and “I’m sorry” are the two most overused phrases in the English language – if you’re going to say them, you better mean them.
  24. Tacos are life. They’re cheap to make (when made Mexican style), are low calorie, and taste wonderful. When all else fails … tacos.
  25. There is a difference between “sex” and “intimacy.” If you’ve never had the latter, you won’t know the difference. But once you’ve reached “intimacy,” sex is no longer good enough.
  26. A million “likes” on Facebook will not suddenly morph your self-worth.
  27. Don’t trade your future for “instant gratification” – the trade-off is rarely, if ever, going to be worth it.